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DAVID | Sales Manager
Written by MiJobz 647530     October 05, 2013    
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Increase customer base and turnover. Deal with distributors, builders, architects and others who use product. Site visits to advice and assist.Selling health and life insurance to small businesses and the self-employed by pursuing leads, cold calling, referrals and marketing.

DAVID - Sales Manager

My ability to develop loyal, trusting relationships with customers has contributed greatly to my successes. I have excellent selling skills, a superb attitude and a strong determination to succeed. I have had particular success in developing areas and accounts throughout my career to date and have been an asset to my employers, gaining their respect and being liked personally.

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United Kingdom


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Qualities sought in an employer / business partner:
- Highly experienced, successful salesman who has proven to be an asset to employers.
- Hard working and I enjoy finding and delivering new business.
- Focused desire to be the best.
- Superb at building lasting customer relationships
- Self motivated, determined and loyal.
- Superb attitude and good team contributor.

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Work Experience

Work Experience
• 2005 - 2011 GLIDEROL (Garage door manufacturer)
POSITION Area Sales Manager
AREA East Midlands, East Anglia, London, South East
DUTIES Increase customer base and turnover. Deal with distributors, builders, architects and others who use product. Site visits to advice and assist.
SUCCESS - Increased business by 12% in the past year
- 24 new customers and more to follow
- Raised profile of company

• 2004 - 20005 UGA ASSOCIATION FIELD SERVICES (Health & life insurance)
POSITION Licensed insurance agent
AREA State of Maryland, USA
DUTIES Selling health and life insurance to small businesses and the self- employed by pursuing leads, cold calling, referrals and marketing.
SUCCESS - Adapted sales skills to a different market
- Sourced leads and converted into sales
- Gained referrals due to customer trust and satisfaction

• 1998 - 2003 SEALOCRETE LTD (Building & decorative products)
AREA Development area. Northern England and Southern Scotland.
DUTIES To develop a newly created area previously under-trading by finding new business and increasing turnover in existing accounts. Manage and control area and accounts. Achieve targets.
SUCCESS - Increased customer base from 20 to 100
- Increased turnover from 100k to 500k
- Developed further by range selling and promoting
- Researched new markets and increased margins
- Very successful in developing area and achieving targets

• 1987 - 1998 CEMENTONE BEAVER LTD (Paint and building product manufacturers)
POSITION Sales representative
AREA Northern England
DUTIES Dealing with builders merchants, D.I.Y. and paint outlets. Negotiating at all levels. Increase profit and turnover.
SUCCESS - Top new account salesman
- Winner of many sales promotions
- Always among top performing sales people
- Consistently achieved sales targets

• 1983 - 1984 HALTECH LTD (DIY and camping manufacturers)
POSITION Area Manager responsible to Director
AREA Northern England and Scotland
DUTIES Pioneering area for new company with new range of products. Selling and negotiating with multi-national retail outlets, independent retailers and wholesalers.
SUCCESS - Negotiated/established trade with Morrisons, Famous Army stores and ASDA
- Pioneered and created customer base
- Discovered new lucrative government business
- Recruited, trained, and supervised sales agents

• 1976 - 1783 MARLEY LTD (DIY product manufacturers)
POSITION Senior Sales Representative
AREA North East England
DUTIES Increase market share through new account and range selling to DIY and wholesale outlets.
SUCCESS - Top new accounts salesman
- Increased product range in customers
- Increased profitability
- Consistently one of the top salesmen in the company

• 1972 - 1976 CAMPARI LTD (Clothing and camping manufacturers)
POSITION Sales Representative
AREA North East England and Scotland
DUTIES Selling new range of fashion clothing
SUCCESS - Developed customer base for new range
- Achieved company targets
- Winner of promotional campaigns

• 1966 - 1972 E. UPTON & SONS LTD (Department Store)
SUCCESS - Given buying responsibilities and staff supervision
- Promoted to Assistant Manager

Preferred Roles

Preferred Roles
GLIDEROL (Garage door manufacturer),UGA ASSOCIATION FIELD SERVICES (Health & life insurance),SEALOCRETE LTD (Building & decorative products),CEMENTONE BEAVER LTD (Paint and building product manufacturers),HALTECH LTD (DIY and camping manufacturers),MARLEY LTD (DIY product manufacturers),


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