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Piotr (Peter) Harasimowicz | Business Excellence Manager | Vietnam Hot

Written by MiJobz 02947     November 01, 2013    
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I am an enthusiastic and ambitious operational efficiency and performance expert with over 10 years’ experience ranging from an automotive retail/ repair business to the international chemical and nutrition industry, and from Eastern Europe to Asia. My goal is to use my skills to improve business efficiency, while continuing to expand my knowledge and experience. I am practical, responsible, self-motivated and optimistic. I perform well under pressure and consider myself to be flexible through listening to each relevant opinion before evaluating all the information to form a clear and objective assessment of the given situation, taking time to convince others that this assessment is optimal in order to obtain their support. I enjoy troubleshooting and combine this with my positive attitude and organizational skills to deliver effective change management.

Business Excellence Manager

Core Competencies

* Strong business analysis and strategic planning skills.
* Ability to analyze and solve problems and work within a multi-cultural environment.
* Self-motivated, energetic, open-minded with strong negotiation and communication skills.
* Ability to work effectively in a team environment to achieve organizational goals, and also to work independently, and under pressure.
* Over 10+ years experience in management and sales positions in Europe and SE Asia.
* Market research including customer feedback, analysis, tracking product requirements, providing a product road map, competitive positioning and product planning cycle.

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