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Ali Anwar Marimuthu / Senior Coating Inspector at Sapura Acergy Sdn.Bhd Johore, Lumut, Malaysia

Written by MiJobz 340549     October 16, 2013    
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To attain quality standards while ensuring steady progress in order to meet project completion deadlines. Attending management planning, coordination and progress meeting, reviewing of documentation and drawings, maintaining project and progress records, etc. Liaising with clients, contractors and vendors, etc. Through discussions, onsite coordination and inspections to ensure that contractors comply with contractual obligations for qualified personnel, sufficient manpower, continued material supply, working equipment, etc, while conforming to project specifications, procedures and safety requirements.

Senior Coating Inspector at Sapura Acergy Sdn.Bhd


•Ability to resolve confrontation, disagreement and complaints.

•Relates well with others.

•Demonstrates consistency and fairness 

•Addresses the needs and expectations of customers, both external and internal to maintain integrity.

•Remain calm in all situations.

•Maintain personal credibility and ethical standards.

•Ability to manage projects that are assigned within budget and time schedule.

•Makes decisions to achieve established priorities and goals


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