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Receptionist (temp) in garrison guard/Armed Forces - Uppsala
Written by MiJobz 340549     September 15, 2013    
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Sweden has not been at war for nearly 200 years. But our defense is active every day. We are preparing for the worst happen. Through education, training and crisp action. We act both on the practice field and in reality. In Sweden and worldwide. We'll make qualified armed conflict in a multinational context. On land, at sea and in the air. That's what we train ourselves before. But the Armed Forces also have other important tasks. We're Swedish borders and rejects those who violate them. There may be a ship at sea or an aircraft coming into Swedish territory without permission. The Armed Forces also supports the community in major emergencies, such as storms, forest fires and floods. Or when a disaster that affects the individual, for example, if a person has disappeared, then we can carry out search party. To cope with all these tasks is a comprehensive initiative organization, ready to act, whenever the need arises. 

Career Opportunity at Uppsala:

  • As an employee of the Armed Forces, you are covered by different collective agreements. 
  • As a permanent employee, you have a base salary that is individually set. It is connected to what you are working on, by position, your employment bumps toxins and how and where you work. You will receive extra compensation in the exercises, preparedness and response. While working in the Armed Forces, you have more vacation days than vacation law says. 
  • You are also entitled to paid time off for special occasions, such as moving house or if a relative suffering from serious illness.
  • If you get sick, you get reimbursement for prescription drugs. You will also receive partial compensation for medical treatment and physical therapy. You may be reimbursed for certain dental procedures. If you are on long-term, you get additional sick pay. Anyone who is active in the Armed Forces under an insurance coverage. The protection includes occupational, collectively agreed insurance and business travel insurance in force for missions. You are covered by group life insurance while serving.

Contact Details

Armed Forces - Uppsala, Sweden

Salary Offered

Salary Offered
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Qualifications & Experience Required

Qualifications & Experience
• The work mainly includes the entry and exit checks on persons and vehicles, alarm and CCTV monitoring, dispensing and receiving keys along certain documents, flagging and alerting / interaction with surveillance and response capabilities.

• Work is performed in 12-hour shifts, around the clock, every day of the year. Qualifications Work places high demands on accuracy in performance, stress tolerance and sense of service. Dagpassen requires the ability to "keep many balls in the air" while night shifts requires the ability to maintain focus during long periods of inactivity.

• The receptionist is the Armed Forces "face" both to the outside world that the garrison employees, which in turn requires an accurate and politely but firmly upprädande as follows by uniform rules (the work is done in uniform for civilian personnel).

• Previous experience from the workplace is an advantage while the experience of corresponding tasks are required. Emphasis will be placed on personal fitness. Vicariate relates to the period from 2013-10-01 to 2014-04-30, up to the next the time the business is taken over by an external security company. information about the position can be made ​​by Sture Frykler [sture.frykler @] Union representatives Defence League Pia Almström [pia.almstrom @] Officers Lars Olsson [lars.e.olsson @] SACO-S Marcus Swenson [marcus.swenson @ mil. see] SEKO Defence Jörgen Stehn [jorgen.stehn @] Please submit your application no later than 2013-09-19. information from external recruiters / recruiting / advertising sales deprecated flatly. then the appointment is based in Safety requires Swedish citizenship.

• Clearance of background investigation will be conducted prior to employment under § 19 of the Security Act. The appointment follows the national and international labor obligation. The meaning of this varies depending on the type of position. Your registered information is treated for the recruitment of personnel in the Armed Forces in accordance with PUL.

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